Our engagement

We live in a society where change is permanent and where technological developments have a profound impact on the world of work. And we believe that the company at the heart of these upheavals must be part of the solution.

That’s why we have decided to reinvent our approach to training to instil a culture of lifelong learning and make Orange a learning company.

Orange Campus is committed to preparing you for the skills of tomorrow so that the digital world is a source of professional opportunities.

Meeting the skills challenge, a new approach

Plus inclusive

Accessible to all Group employees and to new external audiences


To the best partners in the educational ecosystem, the digital economy and the Group's business schools.

More personalized and innovative

To learn to learn differently and permanently.

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Orange Campus, l’école en réseau
  • Management
  • Compétences pour tous
  • Data / intelligence Artificielle
  • Cybersécurité


Notre réseau de partenaires
  • Des experts métiers de référence
  • Des partenaires reconnus (start up/ CNAM UIMM …)


De nouvelles expériences d’apprentissage
  • Multimodales : Digital learning / VR/VA, présentiel et expérientiel
  • Cycles courts ou longs, certifiants ou diplômants