Cyber Women Day

As part of Cyber Security Month, Orange was a partner of the 1st Trophée de la Femme Cyber, organized by Cefcys on October 27.

Because we are convinced that the world of cybersecurity is expanding rapidly, its dynamism must naturally benefit everyone equally. However, it is clear that women are too few in number, despite their skills and even though there is a lack of resources.

We therefore wished to support this event, which will have given these women the opportunity to be valued, and the group to share our desire to accompany them towards the Cybersecurity professions within different professional paths, whether as part of initial training or as part of a retraining program.

Two round tables were organized, the first devoted to raising awareness in the field of cybersecurity, and the next entitled “How to develop gender diversity in cybersecurity? “in which Michel Van Den Berghe, Managing Director of Orange Cyberdefense participated.

To close this day, it was necessary to highlight some female talents and illustrate some remarkable career paths. Elisabeth Fonteix, Group Director Learning & Development, had the pleasure of presenting the Trophy of the Female Cyber Student to Claire Chopin, a student in a double major in Public Affairs at Sciences Po and Mathematics, Computer Science, Cryptology at the University Paris Diderot.

claire chopin_CEFCYS