(old) Data + AI

Anticipating the impacts of technology on your job

Today, data management and artificial intelligence are no longer specialist subjects. These two disciplines are developing at high speed, and will soon be an integral part of all job lines: marketing and customer relations, product and service design, operations and even support functions. Their fields of application are just beginning to be explored, whether to personalise the customer and employee experience, improve operational efficiency or automate processes.

This transformation brings with it the need to strengthen expertise within the company, but not exclusively. To be effective, tomorrow’s teams need, in addition to mastering their own role, to share a common culture of data and artificial intelligence: to understand computing jargon, to understand their impact on people’s roles and ways of working, and to be aware of the ethical, economic and social issues. This is the mission Orange Campus has set itself. Our Data + AI offer includes a huge range of modules to help people learn the fundamentals and also access more operational and technical training to deepen their knowledge and develop their business expertise.

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