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We live in a society where, because change is permanent, anything is possible. In order not to leave anyone by the wayside of progress, our challenge is to adapt constantly. At Orange, we believe that since the company is at the heart of these changes, it must be part of the solution. To achieve this, Orange Campus is committed to preparing for the skills of tomorrow and cultivates “knowing how to learn” by creating a new learning experience: more inclusive, more open, more innovative and personalised.

Through this commitment, Orange Campus is transforming the digital world into a professional opportunity by offering an offer structured around 4 priority areas for the Group: Data/IA, Cybersecurity, Skills for all and of course management. With Orange Campus, all the Group’s employees and new external audiences can learn throughout their working lives and contribute to building the job pools of tomorrow.


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We are in a deeply moving world. Digitalisation, disruptive innovation, participative management, diversity, new societal aspirations…

The changes that are reshaping the world of work are creating new expectations of management. At a time when the role of the manager in the company has never been so decisive, managing is a real challenge. This is why Orange Campus Management has designed a new training offer with a major objective: to transmit the in-depth ability to adapt, which is fundamental to meeting the challenges of the future. Structured around self-knowledge, the associated training courses offer a combination of behavioural and business skills to reconcile new expectations and performance imperatives.

Today’s complex and changing world of work requires the continuous development of self-confidence and adaptability. While expertise is important, human and cross-disciplinary skills are just as important. They are a real lever for professional success and employability, but they are also a source of personal fulfilment. How can they be developed to work better and progress with confidence?

Orange Campus Compétences pour tous offers you a choice of varied and innovative learning solutions, à la carte or integrated into courses, to promote learning for everyone according to their needs and professional context. Working together, being agile, communicating with impact but also making better use of digital tools, mastering a language, or acting in an inclusive and responsible way are all themes proposed through new teaching experiences to learn effectively and above all enjoyably.

Today, data management and artificial intelligence (AI) are no longer exclusively a matter for specialists. These two disciplines are developing at high speed and will soon be an integral part of all professions: in marketing and customer relations, product and service design, operations, and even in support functions. Their fields of application are only just beginning to be explored, whether it is to personalise the experience of customers and employees, improve operational efficiency or automate processes.
Of course, this transformation brings with it a need for increased expertise within the company, but not only that. To be effective, tomorrow’s teams will need, in addition to mastering their business, to share a common culture of data and artificial intelligence: to know what is behind the IT jargon, to understand their impact on business lines and operating methods, and to be aware of their ethical, economic and social issues. This is the mission that Orange Campus Data + IA has set itself by offering a vast collection of modules to help you become accustomed to these fundamentals, but also to learn the techniques and operating methods and, if necessary, to deepen your training and develop business expertise.
Cybersecurity is a fast-growing field. Not only is expertise in this field already among the most in demand on the market, but its issues and problems are increasingly directly affecting many professions. Data protection, reliability of information systems, security of connected objects, etc. The issues at stake are immense and form the backbone of the emerging digital society. Without trust, there can be no growth in the digital economy.

With its Cyber offering, Orange Campus aims to strengthen the Orange Group’s skills on a subject at the heart of its strategy, and to reaffirm its position as an international benchmark in the field. To achieve this, Orange Campus Cybersecurity offers a catalogue of more than a hundred training courses – from basic modules designed to acculturate a wide audience to expert training. Our aim is to train the new talent we recruit, support professional mobility and ensure that Orange employees develop their skills in order to meet the new challenges of tomorrow’s digital confidence.