Rich approaches to learning at Orange

Meeting the skills challenge of the future is a key priority at the heart of Orange’s Engage 2025 strategic plan: supporting all the Group’s employees, while adapting our systems to everyone’s specific needs and expectations.

This double challenge of scalability and personalisation is facilitated by technological advances and input from neuroscience, as well as cultural, demographic and regulatory developments, and more.

Of these approaches to learning, some are long proven, others are emerging and gradually establishing themselves through their effectiveness. By knowing and mastering these approaches, each employee can make the most of them by combining them to match their learning needs and style, whether they are more inclined to theory, experimentation, sharing with peers or observing.

These learning methods may concern training activities that meet a precise definition (see the information kit “Definition of training activities”) or, more generally, formal or informal skills development activities.

The Group has set itself a 2025 target of dividing these learning approaches between attendance and remote methods, to meet the challenges of the new ways of organising work (remote, distributed and/or international teams, etc.), as well as the new social patterns (disruption to lifestyles, health, e-education, etc.), by capitalising on technological advances.

This ambition may be given a major additional impetus by the recent health crisis, which has imposed new patterns of remote working…

This note contains a summary of the main approaches to learning used within Orange for training, which have proved their relevance and effectiveness.

Rediscover the Explor'IA event

The Orange Group is a member of the Impact AI collective, a think tank and action group made up of a group of artificial intelligence players united around two common objectives: to address the ethical and societal challenges of AI and to support innovative and positive projects for tomorrow’s world.

All member companies, including Orange, the Grandes Ecoles, associations and startups have launched a 100% digital event around AI: Explor’IA. For 15 days, the general public enjoyed multiple activities including webinars with reference speakers, demo workshops and conferences, articles, podcasts and new episodes of the Orange web series, IA Story.