How collective intelligence supports organisations and its consequences for management

In an increasingly complex and uncertain world, the organisational models inherited from the 20th century have run their course. Management methods resulting from these types of organisation (hierarchy, vertical structures, control) have been reshuffled: it’s necessary to transform, adapt and remain agile. This is a huge issue both for the company and its managers as these changes impose new practices, decision-making and therefore managing. More horizontal, more agile and more collaborative – these new ways of working collectively challenge “traditional” management methods. How do you reconcile these two realities? Orange Campus Management aims to answer this question by taking an innovative approach closer to managers and their teams in the workplace.

Our offer provides managers with tailor-made and high-quality programmes with innovative educational tools and sources of inspiration to develop their skills and organisational style. Our digital content, workshops, programmes and tailor-made team activities are designed to help them understand and adapt to the future by incorporating rapid technological changes and a large number of economic, regulatory, legal and social contingencies. The aim is to help you learn to anticipate, make decisions and support your decisions. Know which actions are the most meaningful, encourage collective intelligence and value everyone’s contribution.