Orange is proud to support a course of excellence in data science for young people in Ivory Coast

Since 2017, the Orange Group, Orange Ivory Coast, and Orange Middle East and Africa have partnered with Ecole Polytechnique, INP-HB and ENSEA to train experts in the field of statistics, artificial intelligence and Big Data. Our expertise has been combined for the benefit of the Data Science master's programme, which is one of the main objectives of the teaching chair..

This partnership has enabled a first class of young talents to benefit from international-level teaching by developing their knowledge of computer engineering based on new developments in data storage and processing, and then to apply this knowledge by completing more than 6 months of internship within the operational teams in the data analyst, data scientist and Big Data professions of Orange Ivory Coast.

At the end of their course, a dozen students were recruited by Orange Ivory Coast. The next class of 30 students looks promising, a symbol of encouragement to continue the rise in skills of these future generations of data scientists.

By doing a long-term internship with our teams, we are providing them with concrete and operational experience, combining technicality and speed, with the best of the academic knowledge provided by the Ecole Polytechnique.

It is the mark of our mobilisation to take up the challenge of skills in a subject and a field: Data, which is at the heart of our strategy.

The use of data is now considered to be an essential skill in the digital world. It is still under-valued, even though the needs exist. It is therefore essential to develop the associated skills not only so that young people can project themselves into future professions but also to support the economic dynamic generated by this sector.

Renewing this partnership reflects our desire to be a major player in the training of these future experts who will tomorrow bring their knowledge and expertise to all technological companies and those concerned with innovation in their economic approach.

Supporting this chair, alongside our partners, is a human and entrepreneurial pride that will reveal the power of tomorrow's talents.

Elisabeth Fonteix
Director of Learning & Development, Orange Group

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